Doing most of my gardening now self, I find that equipment tend to last a bit longer than what the case was when someone else was using my garden tools.

Like with all things there come a time to replace certain items and one of them was my garden vacuum blower.

I bought this blower primarily to replace an old blower with worn bearings and brushes, and the plastic fan that could not handle the small twigs, green leaves, seeds and dust particles.

I chose this blower/vacuum because it DID have a metal impeller that can grind up even small twigs.

This Toro leaf blower is awesome. I can adjust the dial to any speed of blowing when rounding up the grass in the street. Make a nice pile in several places. Then turn it into the sucker and suck up all the piles, piece of cake. Makes lawn and garden beds maintenance fun and easy.

This blower puts out plenty of wind without having to turn it up high and it is relatively quiet, specifically it moves stuff without making the head-splitting howl that most blowers make so I'm happy.

Everything is great about this leaf vacuum... from the metal impeller, to the wide opening on the bag, easy bag removal and strength of the motor. My only disappointment is the electrical cord attachment. Because there is no way to lock it in place, it tend to become unplugged

I use this Vac. 95% of the time to clear leaves off of concrete in my narrow side yard and patios. I much prefer the Toro to dragging around a shop vac. or to blowing the leafs to another location (like the old one used to do). The functional design of the Toro 51609 is great and everything works as it should. I have used it twice a week for 3 months.

I feel dumb for not replacing the old one a long time ago. It really makes cleanup of soft stuff easy and getting into areas where I could not get rid of spiders, leaves and such in awkward corners..

I Highly recommend this product and if it come to the push where I must buy another blower, I will definitely buy this model again.
You can get more info and order the Toro 51609 Blower/Vacuum here by clicking on the image.
norm patterson
4/14/2014 09:20:20 am

Thanks for the review. I would like to pick up bags of leaves to mulch up for compost pile. I'm wondering if the toro can go thru these leaves that my be compacted from being in bags. Also would the toro be able to do this kind of heavy mulching of say 30 to 40 bags of leaves per season. Thanks for your help.


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